Keep Your Pets In Their Place!

The Latch’nVent® Interior Door Prop and Pet Control

A unique door latch extension that allows a door to stay in a stationary, but ajar position.  Doors continue to operate normally!  Just open the door and walk through!


  1. Keeps most pets out of a room* – It’s easy to prevent access of most adult pets to interior rooms by using the supplied 2-inch extension.  Kittens and other small pets may be able to access these rooms.
  2. No wall or door damage – The Latch‘nVent® requires minimal damage to doorways.  There’s no need to cut a hole in the wall or door for interior pet doors.
  3. Cleaner litter area – Place the litter box in a closet, interior of a room or other area to create a cleaner, neater litter box area by allowing cats access, but not most dogs.
  4. Improves room-to-room air flow, while restricting pet access - Which may decrease HVAC bills. It stabilizes heating and cooling in a room and allows a more comfortable free flow of air throughout the house.
  5. Separates large pets from smaller pets - Use the 3-inch or 4-inch extensions to block some small and most medium to large size dogs. Prevents access depending on the size of the dog and the size of extension used.
  6. Cat Haven – Cats are provided privacy and a safe haven from other pets.
  7. Easy to Install – Detailed step-by-step installation instructions are included.
  8. Three widths included: 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch

*The Latch’nVent® is NOT designed to contain aggressive animals or separate children from animals for protection.